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How to make spiced tea eggs, how to make spiced peanuts

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Tea eggs are becoming popular again. Nowadays, rich people are not competing with money, but with who can afford tea eggs. Although this is just a topic for everyone's entertainment, tea eggs are indeed very popular. Five-spice tea eggs are very delicious. Everyone likes to have one for breakfast. Everyone can't help but want to make some by themselves. How to make it? It’s actually very simple. You can make delicious spiced tea eggs at home.

Everyone loves tea and the fragrance of tea. Five-spice tea eggs allow everyone to enjoy the deliciousness of eggs and the fragrance of tea. Tea eggs sold outside either don’t have tea leaves or are bad tea leaves. Why don’t we make them at home:

Five-spice tea eggs are snack recipes whose main raw materials are eggs and tea leaves;

Ingredients for spiced tea eggs: eggs

Ingredients for spiced tea eggs: tea leaves

Spices for spiced tea eggs: star anise, cinnamon, bay leaves, pepper, ginger, rock sugar, salt, dark soy sauce, light soy sauce

How to make five-spice tea eggs:

1. Prepare the materials and wash the eggs with water;

2. Boil the spice water first, add all other seasonings except salt and soy sauce, add water and cook for 20 minutes;

3. Put cold water in another pot, add eggs, and cook the eggs. Generally, they will be cooked in 5 minutes after the water boils;

4. Crack the shell of the egg, don’t peel it, just break it;

5. Put the hard-boiled eggs into the spice water, cover the eggs with water, add salt, dark soy sauce, and light soy sauce, and cook on low heat for 2 hours. Then there is soaking. The longer you soak, the stronger the flavor will be and the darker the eggs will be. When it's time to eat, just boil it and heat it up, then you can eat it.

The making of spiced tea eggs is so simple, isn’t it? Your mouth is watering. Why don’t you go to the supermarket to buy something and make delicious spiced tea eggs at home? It is worth noting: Some experts say that eating tea and eggs in this way is actually irritating to the stomach. Although spiced tea eggs are good, eating them in excess is not good for the body. Just take one or two pills a day, not too much.