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Rumored to be the top ten aphrodisiac foods for men in the world

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There are many aphrodisiac foods in the world, but what are the top ten aphrodisiac foods in the world? The editor will reveal the veil for you.

Strongest: Indian curry

Spices are natural aphrodisiacs. Hutu has an intoxicating effect, chili stimulates blood circulation in the body, mustard stimulates the gonads, and so on. There are so many varieties that you have never heard of! If you want to taste all aphrodisiac spices in one bite, Indian curry is the best. The first choice, its ingredients include more than ten kinds of spices such as turmeric powder, Hutuo, mustard, red pepper, cardamom, cloves, cinnamon, fennel, fennel, etc., which has the strongest aphrodisiac effect.

The most manly thing: oysters

The slippery oysters bring a subtle taste, and they contain a high concentration of zinc. This substance has been proven to be extremely helpful in producing the male hormone testosterone. The more you eat, the more manly you will become.

Most intoxicating: chocolate

The more regular the chocolate, the higher the content of cocoa powder, and cocoa powder contains caffeine. In addition to having the effect of refreshing the brain and refreshing the mind, caffeine’s antidepressant effect produces “side effects” such as taking stimulants, which increases the body’s response to sex. degree of stimulation.

In addition, chocolate contains phenylethylamine, a substance similar to amphetamines that can release the brain and the intoxicating feeling produced when falling in love.

Originally native to Mexico, explorers brought it back to Europe in 1523. Because the tomatoes at that time were yellow, the Italians called them "golden apples." At that time, some people believed that tomatoes had strong aphrodisiac properties, and even hypothesized that the forbidden fruit Eve gave Adam to eat in the Garden of Eden was actually a tomato. In the early years, Americans regarded tomatoes as a love agent and prohibited missionaries from using them.

The most luxurious: caviar

Caviar, a sturgeon roe that has been regarded as an aphrodisiac for centuries, is definitely closely related to Greek mythology. The 47 vitamins and minerals it contains are extremely beneficial. . The most expensive caviar in the world, almas, costs US$308 for one kilogram (35oz)!

The most fragrant: garlic/garlic

Garlic has a fiery essence that is already a sexual characteristic. Eating one raw is stimulating and feels like eating a spicy meal or experiencing an orgasm. It should be noted that garlic should not be used on people who are prone to anger or have a hot temper. Its rapid detoxification properties may exceed the body's capacity.

Hottest: Chili pepper

Eating spicy food will make you sweat all over your body, and your mouth will feel like it's on fire. While your lips are half-open and half-closed to dissipate heat, you will stick out your numb tongue to shake your breath, which is extremely teasing.

Chili peppers have a wide range of therapeutic uses, including treating asthma, fever, sore throat and tracheal infections, digestive system problems, toothaches and even cancer.

Most associated with: papaya

Papaya aphrodisiac lies in the aphrodisiac association induced by psychology and physiology. Its appearance is not difficult to remind people of the plump female body. As for breast enlargement, it is probably just a beautiful association.

Highest: red wine

In fact, alcohol is an inhibitor that excites the human body's physiology in the early stage and inhibits it in the later stage. It even inhibits the sexual organs, so it is only advisable to taste it briefly. Drinking too much will lead to poor sex performance. When used in moderation, alcohol is an excellent aphrodisiac. It has the effect of relieving tension and anxiety, helping to boost courage and enhance the spirit of adventure.

An expert who has a unique love for red wine said: "Red wine gives people a mysterious feeling, and its taste will change due to external factors. The taste can become very complex. It is most suitable to drink when eating with your lover, but you don't need to drink too much. Drinking to your belly can be very relaxing. The most important thing is to use a large wine glass to hold the wine. As long as you shake it gently, the aroma of the wine will overflow. Even if the wine is not intoxicating, people will be intoxicated, and the atmosphere will suddenly become very romantic.

Do you know a few of the above ten aphrodisiac foods? Male friends can also try their aphrodisiac effects!