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Special Recipe for Women on Contraception Female Contraceptive Gel

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vitamin b6

○A few women may experience early pregnancy-like reactions during the early stages of medication, such as nausea, vomiting, dizziness, drowsiness, fatigue, etc. Taking vitamin b6 can reduce symptoms. In addition, the estrogen contained in birth control pills can increase liver tryptophan metabolism, and vitamin b6 is a coenzyme component in tryptophan metabolism. Vitamin B6 deficiency can hinder tryptophan metabolism and subsequently cause neurological dysfunction. Therefore, some women may experience depression, pessimism, irritability, bad temper, etc. after taking birth control pills. Foods containing more vitamin B6 include meat, dairy, eggs, vegetables, malt, liver, peanuts, yeast, sunflower seeds, bananas, rice bran, etc.

Folic acid and vitamin b12

○ Taking birth control pills can inhibit the folate-conjugating enzyme in the duodenal mucosa. This enzyme is necessary for intestinal absorption of folic acid. If the enzyme is missing, folic acid deficiency can occur. Birth control pills can also cause a relative lack of vitamin b12 in the body, which can easily lead to anemia. Therefore, you should eat more foods rich in folic acid and vitamin B12, such as animal offal, shellfish, milk powder, fish, crab, egg yolk, green leafy vegetables, meat, beans, fruits, etc. Tea is rich in folic acid and vitamin b12 and can be drunk regularly.

vitamin b2

○ After taking birth control pills for a long time, a small number of women will develop angular stomatitis, glossitis or conjunctivitis, seborrheic dermatitis, etc., which are related to vitamin B2 deficiency. Foods containing vitamin B2 include animal offal, beans, vegetables, hard shells (peanuts, sunflower seeds, etc.), eggs, milk, etc.

vitamin c

○Women who take medicine for a long time are prone to thromboembolic diseases, which is related to estrogen and the decrease in blood vitamin C concentration. You should eat more fresh vegetables and fruits, such as bean sprouts, tomatoes, oranges, red dates, fresh bell peppers, cabbage, fresh lotus roots, oranges, grapefruit, lemons, strawberries, wild dates, hawthorn, etc. Some women may experience vaginal bleeding after taking birth control pills, which may lead to anemia over time. It is necessary to supplement iron. You should eat more black fungus, kelp, nostoc, seaweed, mushrooms, animal liver, blood, meat, egg yolk, soybeans and other foods.