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Teach you how to make detoxifying and nourishing soup

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Who doesn’t want to stay young forever and have a beautiful face, but who can stop the aging of the face? In modern society, people live under great pressure and work long hours, often neglecting their own care. Due to work pressure or unsatisfactory life, many people do not get enough rest and sleep well, which leads to dull and rough skin, dark circles under the eyes, and a haggard appearance. You can choose some of the following soups to protect and nourish your skin.

Enoki Mushroom, Seaweed and Luffa Soup


25 grams of daylily, 15 grams of seaweed, and 100 grams of loofah.



Put the above 3 flavors into the pot, add an appropriate amount of water, cook it into a soup, add peanut oil and a little fish sauce and cook until it is ready to eat (lighter is better). Once a day.

[Application] Degreasing and whitening, used to treat oily skin and make it whiter and more pleasant.

This medicinal diet is for reference only, interested friends may wish to try it.

Bird's Nest Stewed with Rock Sugar

Ingredients: 15 grams of red bird's nest, 6 grams of wolfberry, 10 grams of barley, and appropriate amount of rock sugar.

Preparation: First, sort the bird's nest to remove impurities, soak it in water for a while, then pick and wash it, and set aside. Wash the wolfberry and barley with clean water. Then put the above three ingredients into a stew pot, add an appropriate amount of water and rock sugar (the sweetness depends on the person's preference), cover the pot, simmer over medium heat for two hours, and wait until it is warm to drink.

Steamed teal duck with snow clam paste and polygonatum odorifera

Ingredients: 10 grams of snow clam paste, 12 grams of Polygonatum odorifera, 12 grams of barley, 100 grams of teal, 1 slice of ginger, and a little salt.

Preparation: First remove impurities from the snow clam paste, soak it in water until it is thoroughly soaked, then rinse it with water and set aside. Wash Polygonatum odoratum and barley with clean water. Cut the teal duck open, remove the internal organs, wash the blood with clean water, and chop into large pieces. After the above items are ready, put them into the earthen pot together, add an appropriate amount of water, and simmer over high heat first, then medium heat for one and a half hours. Let it warm and add salt to taste.

Quail soup with lily and lotus seeds

Ingredients: 30 grams of lily, 30 grams of lotus seeds, 100 grams of quail meat, 1 slice of ginger, appropriate amount of seasoning.

Preparation: First kill the quail, remove the internal organs, and wash away the blood with water and set aside. Soak lilies and lotus seeds in water for a while, wash and set aside. After the above soup ingredients are prepared, put them into an earthen pot together, add an appropriate amount of water, and simmer over medium heat for one hour. Leave to warm and season with food.

Hot and humid weather can lead to gastrointestinal disorders. In spring and summer, when the weather is hot and humid, gastrointestinal disorders are prone to occur. Damp and heat accumulate in the body. The evil energy of damp and hot fumigates the skin, which can cause skin rashes, spots, acne, etc. You can choose the following soups for skin care.

Mung bean porridge

Ingredients: 30 grams of dried mung beans, 30 grams of fresh kelp (20 grams of dried product), and 100 grams of rice.

Preparation: First wash the mung beans to remove impurities, then soak them in warm boiled water for two hours. Soak fresh kelp in clean water for 2 to 3 hours, wash off the salty taste, and chop into fine pieces for later use. Wash the rice. Put the above ingredients into the earthen pot together, add an appropriate amount of water, cook the porridge over medium heat, and cook until the beans are rotten and the porridge is thick. Once warm, serve without sugar. It can be taken 2 to 3 times a day, depending on the amount.

Are you irritated or upset by the change in appearance? Then hurry up and try these kinds of soups. There will always be one that suits you. It can eliminate toxins from your body, make your skin smooth without spots, make your complexion rosy, and also change your appearance. sleep state. Don't you believe it? Then give it a try.