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What are the uses of fresh rose petals?

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Fresh roses represent love, especially men and women who are in love. They often give roses. All girls like the feeling of holding flowers in their hands. The sweetness and happiness are set off even more perfectly by the red roses. In fact, roses not only express love Unexpectedly, there are many functions and uses, but many people are not clear about it. Let me introduce to you the uses of fresh rose petals!

Rose petals are mild in nature and have a sweet aroma. They have the effects of detoxifying and nourishing the skin, promoting qi and blood circulation, resuscitating and resolving stasis, soothing the liver and spleen, promoting bile secretion, helping digestion, and regulating mechanisms. Rose petal tea is mild and suitable for both men and women.

The uses of rose petals can soothe emotions, balance endocrine, replenish blood and Qi, beautify skin and skin care, regulate the liver and stomach, eliminate fatigue, and improve physical fitness. The fragrance of rose petals is elegant and can soothe people's emotions and relieve themselves. For depression, the most important thing is its beautifying and beautifying effects. It is commonly used to remove dark spots on the skin and make the skin white and natural.

We can often see it on TV when bathing with fresh rose petals. Rose petal bath beauty has a long history. It is said that every time Yang Guifei bathed in Huaqing Pool, she liked to cover the pool with rose petals, which over time washed out her skin like gelatin.

Rose petal baths are used for beauty and health care because they rely on the local stimulating effect of the bath water and the medicinal effect of the flowers to dredge the interstitial tissues and smooth the qi and blood, thereby achieving the purpose of beautifying the face. Women are originally made of water. After being stained with dust for a day, they take off the mundane ashes and wash away the fatigue. After soaking in the sea of ??flowers, they return to their true appearance as a flower fairy.

Many people use rose petals to make facial masks, which are said to be very good for the skin. The flowers have a wide range of uses. Rose cake, rose water, rose wine, rose jam, rose tea, etc. are widely popular in the market. Roses can not only aphrodisiac, but also dispel sentimentality and uplift people's spirits. Therefore, roses are women's favorites, and rose baths are the best way for women to delay aging.

Roses are a very good food that is both medicinal and edible. Women often use them to soak in water and drink them, which has many benefits. Especially symptoms such as poor mood, dull complexion, and even dysmenorrhea during menstruation can be relieved to a certain extent. It has the effects of cooling blood, nourishing the skin, improving dry skin, aiding digestion, and removing fat. At the same time, roses also have strong functions of promoting qi, activating blood circulation, removing blood clots, and harmonizing the internal organs.

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that roses are sweet, slightly bitter, and warm in nature, and their most obvious effects are regulating qi and relieving depression, activating blood circulation, dispersing blood stasis, regulating menstruation and relieving pain. In addition, roses have very mild medicinal properties, which can warm the heart, liver, and blood vessels, relieve depression in the body, and have calming, soothing, and anti-depressant effects. Women often experience emotional irritability before or during menstruation. Drinking some roses can regulate this.

After reading the above introduction, I believe you have a deep understanding of the uses of rose petals! If you receive roses from others, after appreciating the beauty of the roses, you can use the roses to make a facial mask, or you can use the roses to take a rose petal bath, so that the fragrance of the roses can stay with you for a long time. Of course, You can also use rose flowers to make some rose food.