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The efficacy and role of adzuki beans The efficacy and role of adzuki beans and their nutritional value

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Adzuki beans are common red beans in our daily lives. Adzuki beans are rich in nutrients, but what are the effects and functions of adzuki beans? In fact, the effects and functions of adzuki beans are reflected in many aspects. Red beans are not only a A common food, it is also a health product. Regular consumption of red beans can clear away heat, detoxify, diuresis and reduce swelling. It can also improve the human body's difficulty in urinating.

What are the functions and functions of adzuki beans?

The efficacy and role of adzuki beans are very obvious, and they are also regarded as a holy nourishing food by many people, but you should not eat too much of any kind of food. There are many ways to make red beans, and they are suitable for most people. Especially in autumn and winter, red beans can help everyone get better nutrition.

Efficacy and function of red beans: Red beans can promote the activation of cardiovascular vessels and be a diuretic; for people who are afraid of cold, low blood pressure, and easily tired, regular consumption of red beans can improve these discomforts. In addition, red beans also have the functions of strengthening the stomach, promoting fluid production, removing dampness and replenishing qi, making them a good medicinal and health food. Red beans are a good friend of women's health. The rich iron content can make people look rosy. Taking more red beans can also nourish blood, promote blood circulation, strengthen physical strength, and enhance resistance. Lactating women eat more red beans, which can promote the secretion of milk.

Adzuki beans are preferably those with tight seeds and purple-red color. They can strengthen the spleen and diuresis, detoxify and eliminate carbuncle, and clear away dampness and heat. Eating red adzuki beans in porridge can strengthen the spleen and stomach and diuretic dampness. Anyone with spleen deficiency, abdominal distention, difficulty urinating, jaundice, and diarrhea can eat it. Adzuki beans are boiled in water or used as medicine, which has the effect of clearing away heat and diluting water. It can treat acute jaundice, intestinal carbuncle, hemorrhoids, dysentery, rubella and itching. Mix raw beans in a pestle with egg white and apply externally to treat heat-induced carbuncle.

How to eat red beans: Boil red beans and carp in soup. It has a therapeutic effect on edema, athlete's foot, difficulty urinating, etc. It can also treat cirrhosis, liver ascites, and replenish the body. The soup after boiling red beans and winter melon is good for relieving systemic edema. A good dietary therapy product; boiling red beans, lentils, and coix kernels together can treat diarrhea. In addition, red beans can also be used with traditional Chinese medicine. For example, red beans combined with forsythia and angelica decoction can treat liver abscess; red beans combined with dandelion and licorice decoction can treat intestinal pain.

Adzuki beans are rich in fiber, which can effectively treat constipation, and the efficacy and effect of adzuki beans have exceeded that of many foods. Moreover, there are many ways to make red beans. Not only can they be used to make porridge, but they can also be made into various pastries. Most people have no taboos about red beans and can eat them with confidence.