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What should I do if I drink too much? What should I do if I drink too much ibuprofen?

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Wine is the favorite of many people. There are many types of wine. Different wines have different tastes and colors. Beer, white wine, red wine, and cocktails are all very different, but when drinking these wines Every time, you need to do it in moderation. If you drink too much alcohol, it will not be good for your own health, and it will also be very harmful to all aspects of the body. So what should you do if you drink too much?

Many people drink without restraint, which can easily lead to drinking too much. So what should you do if you drink too much? Hangover is the best choice, which can improve this problem very well, which is good for the body. It is also very well protected.

What to do if you drink too much:

Eat two to three mouthfuls of honey, and eat pure honey. Such honey with a good concentration will form a protective film on the inner wall of the stomach. Since the main ingredients of honey are sugar and protein, it can reduce the stimulation of the stomach by gastric acid and reduce the vomiting reaction, and the protein has a negative impact on the stomach. The gastric mucosa has a protective effect.

You can drink a small amount of yogurt. Yogurt can protect the gastric mucosa and delay alcohol absorption. Because yogurt is rich in calcium, it is particularly effective in relieving the symptoms of alcohol irritability.

Eating radish has the effect of detoxifying alcohol. After being drunk, you can chew raw radish; or you can make juice from raw radish and mix it with an appropriate amount of brown sugar; you can also decoct radish seeds and drink it. For example, cut the radish into shreds, add vinegar and sugar and mix it coldly, which is called sweet and sour shredded radish. It is refreshing and sweet, sour and refreshing, and is very effective in preventing and treating drunkenness.

Tofu relieves hangover, so it is advisable to eat tofu dishes as a side dish when drinking alcohol. Because the cysteine ??in tofu is a major amino acid, it can detoxify acetaldehyde and expel it quickly after eating.

Taking an appropriate amount of sugar water can dilute the alcohol concentration in the stomach and reduce the absorption of alcohol. After the sugar is absorbed, the blood sugar concentration increases, and the concentration of alcohol in the blood decreases, which accelerates the metabolism and excretion of alcohol in the body, achieving the purpose of sobering up and relieving hangover. Oral administration of light salt water can also dilute the alcohol in the stomach and lower the blood alcohol concentration.

Through the above introduction, what should you do if you drink too much? Following the above methods is the best choice. However, it should be noted that when choosing the above methods, if you have allergies, you need to go to the hospital immediately for treatment. Treatment has a very good protective effect on all aspects of the body.