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What are the ways to make nutritious porridge in autumn?

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Summer is over, and autumn is coming. The weather in autumn changes drastically. Many people are prone to getting sick in autumn. In fact, autumn is also a good season for recuperating the body. After a hot summer, it is time to recuperate the body. Function, porridge has very good health effects and is suitable for consumption by all kinds of people. Let’s introduce to you how to make nutritious porridge in autumn.

1. How to make preserved egg and lean meat porridge:

1) Cut the pork into thin slices or shreds, add some cooking wine and starch and marinate for about 10 minutes

2) Pour the leftover rice into the pot, add a lot of water and bring to a boil over high heat, then turn to medium heat and simmer.

3) During these 10 minutes, peel the preserved eggs and cut them into small pieces. Wash the vegetables and cut them into strips.

4) Mix the chicken essence with a little water. If you are using chicken powder, skip this step.

5) When the rice grains are cooked until thicker, add ginger slices and marinated pork, and then add chopped preserved eggs.

6) When the porridge is thick and thick, add chopped green vegetables, add salt, chicken essence, and pepper and stir evenly.

7). Sprinkle some chopped green onion before eating to make it taste better. I didn’t have any green onions at home, so I sprinkled some fried green onions on top. People here always sprinkle some of this on their porridge, so it’s just like doing as the Romans do.

It mainly stimulates appetite and promotes appetite. It also has the functions of nourishing yin and stopping bleeding, moistening the lungs and stopping diarrhea.

2. How to make white porridge:

1) After washing the rice, add water and soak it for half an hour.

2). Replace the soaked rice with sufficient boiling water (put enough water at one time, do not add water during the process, usually the ratio of rice to water is 1:3).

3) After boiling over high heat, reduce to low heat and cook for about 30 to 40 minutes.

4) When the rice is put into the pot, stir it with a spoon. After cooking for 20 minutes, stir it a few more times until the porridge is cooked.

5) Cook until the rice and water are thick and the rice grains are crispy.

6) You can prepare some wolfberry and hawthorn slices, wash them and put them into the pot to cook together when the porridge is mature at 7 or 8.

Among many porridges, white porridge is the simplest, but its health-preserving effects are not simple. White porridge has the effects of nourishing vitality, antidiarrheal, producing body fluids, relieving stomach qi, cleaning the gastrointestinal tract, moistening the liver, calming the liver and dissipating fire. It is especially worth mentioning that white porridge has a first-class weight loss effect.

The above two kinds of porridge are relatively simple to make. Of course, there are many kinds of porridge suitable for health preservation, such as pumpkin porridge, etc., which are very suitable for consumption in autumn. I won’t introduce them one by one here. , drinking porridge is also good for the stomach. Many people like to eat rice. In fact, anyone who knows about health knows that it is best to eat mainly pasta in the morning, rice at noon, and some porridge in the evening.