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How to cook elbows. The most authentic video of how to cook elbows.

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Elbow is a favorite of many people. This kind of food has a unique taste and is relatively simple to make. However, when making elbow, you should also pay attention to choosing your favorite way to eat it, so that you will not have any trouble when eating it. It feels boring, and when making elbows, the combination of ingredients is also very important, so that the protein of the elbows is not destroyed. How about grilling the elbows?

Many people don’t know much about how to make elbows, so how to make braised elbows? There are good methods for making such food, so before doing it, you need to understand how it is made. .

How to chop elbows:

Ingredients: One pork knuckle with skin on the bone, green onions, ginger, Sichuan peppercorns, stewed meat package (contains aniseed, cinnamon, bay leaves, grass fruits), cooking wine, soy sauce, salt, MSG, white sugar, rock sugar, peanut oil


1. Remove the hair from the pork elbow, scrape and wash it in warm water, use a knife to untie the elbow, put it in a pot and cook over high heat, cook out the blood and remove the blood, add onions, ginger, pepper and stew the meat. Boil the ingredients package, cooking wine, soy sauce, and salt until they are seven ripe, remove, drain, and let cool.

2. Put a small spoon of oil and two spoons of sugar in the pot, stir-fry over low heat until the sugar is completely melted, bubbles and changes color. Turn off the heat and spread the fried sugar color evenly on the skin of the elbow.

3. After cooling, add oil to the pan, put the elbows in the pan, skin side down and fry until the skin turns orange. (Be careful not to make the oil temperature too high, otherwise the pig skin will blister and burn people easily!)

4. Make a few criss-cross cuts on the elbow meat, but do not cut through the skin! Place the elbow skin side down in a large bowl, add the soup used to cook the elbow, put it into the pot, and steam for 1 hour. (If you use a pressure cooker, half an hour is enough)

5. Remove the ginger, green onions, pepper and other ingredients from the steamed elbows, put the soup in which the elbows were cooked previously in a separate wok, add a little salt and rock sugar, put the elbows meat side down, and cook over low heat until the elbows are soft. , when the meat is tender and the juice is thick, carefully transfer the elbow skin side up to a plate with lettuce.

6. Add the remaining soup and MSG and pour over it.

Through the above introduction, everyone has a good understanding of how to cook elbow. Choosing the above preparation method can taste delicious elbow. However, when eating this delicacy, you should also eat it in moderation. It contains rich protein and relatively high calories. If you eat too much, you will gain weight. This is something you need to pay attention to.