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What is old yogurt? What is old yogurt made of?

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What is old yogurt? Old yogurt is a solidified type. In the more traditional production method, fresh milk must be used as the raw material, and the semi-finished products must be filled into predetermined packages. After sealing, 72 hours of refrigerated fermentation is carried out. The production time is long and the shelf life is relatively Shorter.

When I went to the supermarket recently, I found that various "old yogurts" occupied "half of the dairy cabinet." "Qinghai", "Old Northeast", "Old Beijing", "Mongolia"... make people dizzy and confused. When asked why more and more people like to eat old yogurt, "high nutrition and good taste" has become the consensus of many people. Is this really the case?

In fact, the so-called "old yogurt" is solidified yogurt made using traditional methods in some areas. Because no coagulant is added, as long as you stir it vigorously, it will turn into liquid milk again. It does not add flavors and maintains the original taste of milk and local flavor. Later, in order to facilitate transportation and sales, as well as to add ingredients such as fruit pieces and juice, people added some thickeners and slowly crushed the fermented yogurt gel to turn it into the thick yogurt we are now familiar with.

Although "old yogurt" is now popular again, it has actually "changed its flavor." In order to avoid thinning during transportation, they all have gelling agents added so that they will not turn into a liquid state no matter how they are shaken. Therefore, strictly speaking, the so-called "old yogurt" products on the market should be more accurately called "yogurt soft frozen".

There is nothing wrong with liking the taste of old yogurt, but we should understand that it is just a concept introduced by merchants. In fact, the nutrition is similar to other yogurts. I investigated the nutritional labeling of "old yogurt" products on the market and found that old yogurt has no advantages in nutrition and safety. Its raw material quality requirements are no higher than other products, and it does not contain special health-care bacteria. There is no evidence that its health-care effect is stronger than others. Some products have obvious flavors and are not suitable for children under 2 years old. What needs special warning is that some "old yogurt" is in a strong frozen state and cannot be stirred into a thinner liquid state. Like jelly, it is dangerous for children to choke on this yoghurt jelly into their trachea. Children over 3 years old do not need to worry, but young children whose swallowing function is not well developed should pay special attention when eating to avoid danger.

What is old yogurt? Old yogurt is a traditional diet in Qinghai and has a drinking history of nearly a thousand years. I hope the above content can help you.