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How to cook delicious beef and how to improve sexual function

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Women who eat beef regularly can prevent anemia. Regularly eating beef can make your face more rosy, and it can also improve your immunity. It is an indispensable nutritional recipe for women during pregnancy. However, the mother's diet during pregnancy must be hygienic, so it is not recommended that you buy cooked beef made by others outside. So you can learn how to make beef.

However, when many people make beef, they will find that the meat quality and taste of the beef they make is relatively poor, which is far different from that made outside. What is going on? How to cook beef deliciously? In order to allow you to To make delicious beef, let’s solve this problem here.

1. Cook old beef. If you buy a lot of beef, you can apply a layer of dry mustard on the beef the day before putting it in the pot. Rinse the meat before putting it in the pot. The beef treated in this way is not only easy to cook, but also tender. Adding more wine or vinegar when cooking will cook it faster.

2. When cooking beef, first sew a gauze bag, put in a small amount of vegetable leaves, tie the bag, and put it into the pot to stew with the beef, so that the beef will cook quickly and taste fragrant.

3. When cooking beef, put two or three shelled walnuts and or a few hawthorns, which will not only cook the beef faster, but also remove the smell.

4. When braised beef, add a small amount of potherb mustard to make the meat taste delicious.

How to cook beef so it’s tender but not tough?

The beef will be taken out of the pan as soon as it changes color. Beef already has less moisture and will become harder as it is heated for a longer time. In fact, the same goes for pork. The longer it is fried, the older it becomes.

In addition, when cutting beef, the direction of the knife is perpendicular to the growth direction of beef protein, which means it will be cut off. Patting it with the back of a knife will make it tenderer, but the most effective way is to use meat tenderizer powder, which has the most obvious effect, and you don’t have to pat it until you are tired (the result is still not tender enough).

Now that you know how to cook beef deliciously, you also need to remind all pregnant female friends that although eating beef is very good for you, it does not mean that you can eat steak often, because generally steak should be 7 The taste is best when it is mature or 8-mature. Because it is not fully cooked, please don’t eat too much.