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What are the benefits of eating bayberry? Pictures of bayberry tree

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Bayberry mainly matures in summer. It has a sweet and refreshing taste and a lot of juice. It is the favorite of many beauty lovers. The nutritional value of bayberry is particularly rich, both in terms of appearance and internal nutrients. attractive. So, what are the benefits of eating bayberry?

What are the benefits of eating bayberry?

Don't underestimate the bayberry fruit. Although it is not big, it contains a lot of nutrients and has many benefits after eating it. So, what are the benefits of eating bayberry? The specific benefits are as follows:

1. Bayberry contains a lot of fruit acid. Regular consumption of bayberry can help digestion, stimulate appetite and promote body fluids. It also has the effect of relieving summer heat and sobering up. The fruit acid contained in bayberry can also prevent the sugar in the human body from converting into fat. For people who want to lose weight, eating bayberry it's the best. Can prevent obesity.

2. Myricetin, the active ingredient in bayberry leaves, has the effects of astringent, stimulant and emetic, and is used for diarrhea, jaundice hepatitis, lymphatic tuberculosis, chronic pharyngitis, etc.

3. Bayberry contains vitamins C and B, which play a positive role in preventing and fighting cancer. The cyanamide and fatty oil contained in bayberry kernels also have the effect of inhibiting cancer cells.

4. Bayberry has an inhibitory effect on bacteria such as Escherichia coli and Shigella dysenteriae. It can treat abdominal pain caused by dysentery and is effective in patients with persistent diarrhea.

5. Bayberry contains a variety of organic acids and is also rich in vitamin C. It can not only directly participate in the metabolism and redox process of sugar in the body, enhance the permeability of capillaries, but also lower blood lipids and prevent the formation of cancer cells in the body. effect.

6. The bark of bayberry also has antioxidant properties and eliminates free radicals in the body. Widely used in medicine, food, health products and cosmetics.

The efficacy and function of bayberry

The benefits of eating bayberry are not only reflected in supplementing nutrients, but also in preventing and curing diseases. A long time ago, people have used bayberry to treat certain diseases. For example, the core of bayberry can treat athlete's foot. For example, bayberry can also be used to help digestion, diuresis and antidiarrhea. Bayberry has many functions and effects.


1. Bayberry has the effect of producing fluid, quenching thirst, and relieving stomach and digestion. It has a good therapeutic effect on symptoms such as fullness after eating, indigestion, insufficient gastric yin, and thirst in the mouth and mouth. Eating too much not only does not harm the spleen and stomach, but also has detoxification effect. It has the effect of dispelling cold and is known as "the agate among fruits".

2. The fruit, core, root and skin of bayberry can be used as medicine and are neutral and non-toxic. The core can cure athlete's foot, and the root can stop bleeding and regulate qi; bark soaked in wine can cure bruises, redness, swelling and pain.

3. Bayberry has an inhibitory effect on bacteria such as Escherichia coli and Shigella dysenteriae. It can treat abdominal pain due to dysentery and is effective in patients with persistent diarrhea;

how to eat

When you eat bayberries soaked in white wine, you will feel refreshed and refreshed in midsummer, which can relieve heat and relieve fatigue. When you have diarrhea, make a thick soup of bayberry and drink it to stop diarrhea, which has astringent effect.

nutritional value

1. Bayberry is rich in vitamin C, glucose, fructose, citric acid, etc., and is sweet and sour. In addition, bayberry is rich in potassium, which can supplement potassium for those who sweat a lot in summer.

2. Bayberry also contains certain anti-cancer substances, which can inhibit the growth of tumor cells;

3. Bayberry contains a large amount of vitamin C, which not only directly participates in the body's sugar metabolism and redox process, enhances the permeability of capillaries, but also lowers blood lipids and prevents the synthesis of carcinogens in the body.


1. Don’t eat too much. Eating too much bayberry will cause internal heat. Because the acidic substances contained in bayberry are not easily oxidized and decomposed, once these acidic substances enter the body, they will stimulate the gastric mucosa together with gastric acid, induce gastric ulcers, and cause internal heat.

2. People with chronic gastritis, gastric ulcer, and excessive gastric acid secretion should not eat on an empty stomach to avoid excessive gastric acid secretion and trigger the disease;

3. Diabetic patients with poor basic blood sugar control are also advised not to eat bayberry.