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Vegetables, fruits, food, drinks, and Chinese medicine = the most complete hangover cure method in history

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Dispel the effects of alcohol, as the name suggests, is to "sober up", allowing people to wake up from a drunken state, regain consciousness or regain self-control.

Vegetables, fruits, food, drinks, and Chinese medicine = the most complete hangover cure method in history

Sobering up is usually not done naturally, but by drinking Jiuchang before drinking to sober up, accelerate the conversion of acetaldehyde, promote the decomposition of alcohol, save time, and reduce the harm of ethanol to the human body.

1. Vegetable hangover cure

1. Cabbage sobering method: Cut the heart of Chinese cabbage into thin strips, add sugar and vinegar, mix well, and eat it as a cold dish, which has a certain effect on eliminating drunkenness.

2. Cabbage hangover method: wash the Chinese cabbage leaves, cut into appropriate pieces, add water to the pot and cook, add some vinegar and minced ginger, eat it while hot, it can relieve hangover and strengthen the stomach.

3. Sweet potato to relieve hangover. Crush raw sweet potato, add appropriate amount of sugar, stir and drink.

4. White radish for hangover relief: 1 kg of white radish, mash it into puree and take the juice, take it in one dose. You can also add brown sugar to white radish juice and drink it in an appropriate amount. You can also eat raw radish, which can have the effect of sobering up.

5. Celery sobering up method: Squeezing an appropriate amount of celery juice and drinking it can help you sober up. It can especially eliminate symptoms such as headache, brain swelling, facial flushing and other symptoms after drunkenness.

6. Fresh lotus root to relieve hangover. Wash the fresh lotus root, mash it into puree, take the juice and drink it. It has a certain effect on eliminating the symptoms of drunkenness.

7. Water chestnuts to relieve hangover: Take 10 water chestnuts, wash them and pound them into a puree, wrap them in gauze, squeeze out the juice and drink it. This method is suitable for those who become intoxicated by drinking strong alcohol such as sorghum wine.

2. Fruit hangover cure

1. Fresh oranges to relieve hangover: 3 to 5 fresh oranges (fresh oranges are also acceptable), squeeze the juice and drink it, or take it with food.

2. Method for sobering up with tangerines: After drinking alcohol, take a few fresh tangerines, peel them and eat them to sober up.

3. How to sober up a hangover with raw pears: Eat a few pears or peel and slice the pears, soak them in cold boiled water for 10 minutes, eat the pears and drink the water to sober up the hangover.

4. Eat raw pears or drink pear juice to relieve hangover. For an inebriated person, if the above methods still cannot help him sober up, you can use a clean chicken feather to gently rub his throat or pinch his throat with your hands to make him vomit the alcohol remaining in his stomach, which can make him feel drunk. ease. If there is still no effect, you should seek medical treatment.

5. Carambola sobering up method: 1 star fruit pickled in vinegar, decoction in water, can be used to sober up.

6. Sugar cane to relieve hangover: 1 sugar cane, peeled, juiced and taken.

7. Olive (green fruit) hangover cure 10 olives, fry the meat and take it.

3. Food to relieve hangover

1. Mung bean sobering method: Take 50 grams of mung beans and 10 grams of licorice, add an appropriate amount of brown sugar and decoct them to sober up. If you just use mung beans to make soup, it will also have certain effects.

2. Mung bean for hangover: Wash an appropriate amount of mung bean with warm boiled water, pound it, and drink it with boiled water or soup.

3. 50 grams each of mung bean, red adzuki bean, and black bean for hangover, add 15 grams of licorice, boil until mashed, and take the beans and soup together, which can refresh your mind, relieve hangover, and reduce alcohol poisoning.

4. Beans to relieve hangover: Use 50 grams each of mung beans, red beans, and black beans, add 15 grams of licorice, boil until mashed, and take the beans and soup together, which can refresh you and relieve hangover, and relieve alcoholism.

5. Tofu is recommended to be used as a side dish when drinking alcohol. Because the cysteine ??in tofu is a major amino acid, it can detoxify acetaldehyde and expel it quickly after eating.

6. How to sober up with preserved eggs: When you are drunk, take 1-2 preserved eggs and dip them in vinegar to sober up.

7. Sweet potato sobering up method: After being drunk, you can cut the raw sweet potato into fine pieces, mix it with sugar and take it to relieve the hangover.

8. Salt to relieve hangover: If you drink too much, you can add a little salt to boiled water to drink. Salt water has a good effect on relieving chest tightness and discomfort.

9. Ginger to relieve hangover: For those who have nausea and vomiting after being drunk, take a small piece of ginger and hold it in the mouth to stop vomiting.

10. Jellyfish sobering method: Take 100 grams of fresh jellyfish, wash it clean, add water to decoction and drink it to sober up.

11. Take the decoction of raw egg white, fresh milk, and frosted persimmon cake to relieve hangover, which can quench thirst, clear away heat, and relieve hangover.

12. Egg sobriety method: Take 1-2 raw egg whites when drunk, which can protect the gastric mucosa and ease the absorption of alcohol.

4. Drinks to relieve hangover

1. Milk sobriety method: Drunk people can drink some milk to coagulate protein, protect the gastric mucosa, and ease the absorption of alcohol.

2. Rice soup sobering up method: Drunk people can drink thick rice soup. Rice soup contains polysaccharides and B vitamins, which has the effect of detoxifying and sobering up. Add sugar to drink, the effect will be better.

3. Sugarcane juice method for sobering up: Drunken people who are still conscious can chew sugarcane by themselves. In severe cases, sugarcane juice can be squeezed out and given to the patient to sober up.

4. Tea sobering up method: You can drink strong tea after being drunk. The tannic acid in tea can relieve acute alcohol poisoning. Caffeine and theophylline are effective in treating respiratory depression and drowsiness.

5. "Hangover Tea" to relieve hangover. According to reports, the Institute of Physics and Chemistry of Lin'an County, Hangzhou City developed a hangover elixir - "Hangover Tea" using modern technology based on the secret recipe of the Tang Dynasty's "Hangover Soup". It can treat headaches, dizziness and other symptoms after drinking. It has good effects on symptoms such as physical discomfort.

6. Orange juice method to sober up: If you experience dizziness, headache, nausea and vomiting after drinking, you can eat a few oranges or drink fresh orange juice to sober up.

7. Sugar tea water to relieve hangover. Sugar tea water can dilute the alcohol concentration in the blood and accelerate excretion.

8. Sugar water sobering up method: Take an appropriate amount of white sugar and drink it with boiled water, which can relieve hangover and wake up the brain.

9. Vinegar sobering method: Take 50 grams of rice vinegar or mature vinegar, add 25 grams of brown sugar and 3 slices of ginger and drink it in a decoction, which can reduce the damage of alcohol to the human body.

10. Vinegar can relieve hangovers: Vinegar can relieve hangovers, mainly because the ethanol in wine and the organic acids in vinegar are digested and absorbed along with the footing, and meet in the gastrointestinal tract of the human body to cause an acetic reaction, reducing the ethanol concentration. Thereby reducing the toxicity of alcohol.

a. Boil a bowl of sour soup with vinegar and drink it. b. 1 small cup (20~25 ml) of vinegar, drink it slowly. c. Dip shredded radish in vinegar and sugar (1 large bowl) and eat. d. Chinese cabbage hearts soaked in vinegar and sugar (1 large bowl), eat. e. Eat 2 preserved eggs soaked in vinegar. f 50 grams of vinegar, 25 grams of brown sugar, 3 slices of ginger, decoct in water and take.

11. Acetic acid hangover: When acetic acid meets alcohol, it will generate ethyl acetate and water, which can reduce the damage of alcohol to the human body. When you are drunk, use 60 grams of sour vinegar or mature vinegar, 25 grams of brown sugar, and 5 grams of ginger slices. Add an appropriate amount of water and fry it before drinking. Clothes.

5. Chinese medicine for hangover

1. Pueraria lobata to relieve hangover: 10 grams of Pueraria lobata, decoction in water, has a very good effect in relieving hangover.

2. Ziziphus jujube and Pueraria lobata root are used to relieve hangover. 10 to 15 grams each of Ziziphus jujube and Pueraria lobata root are decoctioned together. They have good sobering, cooling and diuretic effects.

3. Add 30 grams of kudzu root to an appropriate amount of water, decoct it and drink it. It has a good hangover effect.

4. Citrus peel (tangerine peel) to relieve hangover. Bake the citrus peel, grind it into powder, add 15 grams of salt, boil it in soup and take it.

5. Toilet water sobering up method: Sprinkle a few drops of toilet water on a hot towel and gently wipe the chest, back, elbows and temples of the drunk person to significantly reduce the drunkenness.

6. Candy to cure hangover. Hebei Province produces a kind of candy to cure hangover. Eat a few pieces to relieve hangover after being drunk.