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The Bad Virgin Who Eats Betel Nut The Disadvantages of Eating Raw Betel Nut

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Betel nut is very common in life. Not many people can choose to eat it, and when choosing it, you must pay attention to understanding it. It has benefits and benefits, so when eating it, It is also necessary to understand these, otherwise it will cause health problems. What are the disadvantages of eating betel nut? There are many aspects, so you can also consult in detail.

What are the disadvantages of eating betel nut? The following is a detailed introduction so that you can have a good understanding of such issues. You can also pay attention when eating betel nut, which is also a protective effect on your own health. .

Disadvantages of eating betel nut:

1. Due to the lime and betel nut juice filling the mouth, dental calculus is formed, and due to long-term hard chewing, the dentin is chewed, and the teeth may even be cracked or broken.

2. Effect on temporomandibular joint:

Due to dentine bite and wear of the temporomandibular joint surface, occlusal changes and temporomandibular joint pain and lesions will occur, resulting in sounds and joint pain when opening and closing the mouth. It is not only painful, but also very difficult to treat.

3. Impact on periodontal tissue: Because betel nut fiber is quite thick and hard, it will puncture the gums or block the gaps between teeth, causing pressure on the interdental papilla and causing inflammation. Also, due to hard chewing, it will cause damage to the periodontal ligament, causing the root of the tooth to become damaged. Inflammation, swelling, and pain around the area. On the other hand, due to the accumulation of lime and betel nut residue, the calculus becomes thicker and thicker, causing gum damage, redness, swelling, suppuration, and exposure of tooth roots, etc., resulting in periodontal disease, and eventually the teeth fall out one by one or have to be extracted.

4. Impact on the oral mucosa: Betel nut chewing causes oral submucosal fibrosis and leukoplakia, which are the early stages of oral cancer. The clinical symptoms are difficulty opening the mouth, pain, numbness, whitening of the oral mucosa, and ulcers.

5. Impact on the digestive system: betel nut juice stains black lips, teeth and cheeks, affects vision, damages taste nerves and saliva secretion, hinders digestive function, betel nut residue irritates the gastric wall, causes gastric mucosal inflammation or even perforation, affects nutrient absorption, and causes Malnutrition.

Through the above introduction, we have a good understanding of the disadvantages of eating betel nut, so when choosing it, you should eat it as little as possible. This is also a kind of protection for your own health, and it will also prevent other problems in the body after choosing it. You need to go to the hospital for examination in time so that you can understand what is going on.