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Lijiang Cured Pork Ribs Hot Pot Lijiang Travel Guide Must-Go Attractions

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Lijiang is now a famous tourist destination across the country. Not only does it have picturesque scenery, but it also has local delicacies, such as salmon, cured pork ribs, etc. But if you want to talk about the classic Lijiang food, it must be Lijiang cured pork ribs hot pot. , if you are traveling to Lijiang, you have not come to Lijiang if you don’t eat this classic waxed pork ribs hot pot. So how is Lijiang waxed pork ribs hot pot made?

Lijiang's classic cured pork ribs hot pot also has the effect of nourishing yin and strengthening yang, and because the taste is relatively light, you will not get angry if you eat it often. This is different from Sichuan hot pot. As for how to make Lijiang Cured Pork Ribs Hot Pot delicious, you can learn more here.

Lijiang Cured Spare Ribs are made from pork ribs, marinated with a large amount of salt. Some add some auxiliary wine, sugar, spices, etc., and put them in a wooden barrel that can be filtered. After marinating for about 15 days, the salt flavor has penetrated deeply. The flavors of the bone marrow, bones and meat are blended together, and a large amount of water is salted out. At this time, the flavor of the meat is not enough; after salting, take it out to dry in a shaded and ventilated place. The drying time is between one month and three months. Within a few months, the taste becomes "savory". Good waxed pork ribs should be dry and firm, yellow with red inside, bright in color, free of mildew on the surface, and smell faintly of meat.


Ingredients: Cured Pork Ribs Ingredients: Bean sprouts, tomatoes, celery, leek root

Seasoning: chicken essence, pepper, salt


1. Unpack the pork ribs and wash the waxed pork ribs in warm water. No need to boil the water, the pork ribs are loaded with ingredients;

2. Steam the drained spareribs in a steamer until they are 80% cooked. If you are impatient, you can also use a pressure cooker;

3. Set aside the prepared ribs and prepare a casserole or soup container. Add a little chicken essence, pepper, and salt to the bottom of the pot. The amount depends on your taste. Personally, it is recommended not to add any;

4. Next, prepare to make the bottom of the pot:

Place leek roots on the first layer at the bottom of the pot. If there are no leek roots, you can also put some bean sprouts;

Place tomatoes on the second layer at the bottom of the pot;

Put some celery on the third layer;

Finally, add the freshly cooked cured pork ribs, add pork rib soup, chicken soup, or boiling water, simmer over slow heat, and a delicious pot of cured pork ribs hot pot is ready; you can add various vegetables according to your personal taste, and it’s ready OK.

Have you now learned how to make Lijiang Cured Pork Ribs Hot Pot? In fact, the method of making this hot pot is relatively simple. It just requires you to put more thought into making bacon, and this also determines whether your cured pork ribs hot pot is good or not. The key to success, so when making waxed pork ribs, you must pay attention to mastering the correct method.