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How long should you soak soybeans to make soy milk? How long should you soak soybeans for the healthiest soy milk?

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Soaking the beans for 12 hours at room temperature of 20-25°C will allow the soybeans to fully absorb water. Extending the soaking time will not achieve better results.

However, when the temperature is high in summer, soaking the beans at room temperature for 12 hours may cause bacterial overgrowth and worsen the flavor of the soy milk. Therefore, it is recommended to soak the beans in the refrigerator.

Soaking beans in a 4°C refrigerator for 12 hours is approximately equivalent to soaking for 8 hours at room temperature. If you find it troublesome to operate for 18 hours, you can soak the beans in the refrigerator for 24 hours, which will give you the best results and is easy to operate.