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Recipe for barley and red bean porridge. Complete picture of barley and red bean porridge.

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Barley and red bean porridge is a good product to clear away heat and remove dampness in summer. If we drink some barley and red bean porridge every day from the beginning of summer until autumn, it can remove dampness and nourish the skin and prevent many diseases. However, some people feel that making barley and red bean porridge is troublesome and requires cooking. After a long time, it is easy to give up this good fitness method. Today we will teach you several ways to make barley and red bean porridge.

The preparation of barley and red bean porridge is simple, but it requires a lot of patience to cook the barley and red bean porridge. Sometimes it is easy to burn the bottom. Here are some tips for cooking porridge.

There are many techniques and considerations for cooking barley and red bean porridge. Barley is very hard, and red beans are also very hard. If you put it in a pot and keep boiling it, it will not become rotten for more than an hour. It is a waste of fire or electricity, and it may also dry out the water and cause a mushy bottom. There are two methods we recommend: first, add enough water to the pot, boil it and then turn off the heat, let the barley and red beans simmer in the pot for half an hour, add fire, boil and simmer for another half hour, red bean porridge It's cooked. The second method is simpler, that is to clean the thermos bottle that is not commonly used at home, put barley and red beans in it, pour boiling water in, plug the bottle head tightly and keep it occupied. Do this every night, and you will have porridge in the morning. Yes, just right for breakfast. This is very trouble-free and the most energy-saving, as you don’t have to boil it.

One good thing about barley and red bean porridge is that it never becomes sticky or thick no matter how you cook it. There is always boiled red beans and barley at the bottom, and a light red soup on top. Most of the active ingredients of barley and red beans are in the soup. Since a lot of water is added when making porridge, the soup may be enough for us to drink for half a day, which is just right for drinking as tea. If it's summer, you have to try to finish it in the morning, because it will go rancid by the afternoon. The barley and red beans that sink to the bottom can still be eaten. If you feel that the taste is not good, you can mix in some sugar. Can’t this be both tea and food?

Everyone knows how to make barley and red bean porridge through the above introduction. You can cook barley and red bean porridge according to these methods in the future. Eating barley and red bean porridge regularly has many benefits for the body, and it can also nourish the skin and remove freckles. It can replace many medicines and skin care products. If we can eat it, why wouldn't we do it?