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What kind of soup should I drink to replenish my health?

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What kind of soup can you drink to get the effect of replenishing your body? There are many types and methods of soup. Drinking soup can regulate the intestines. Drinking soup can also make the body better. Drinking soup can also improve some adverse changes. If you are used to drinking soup in winter, it will still be better. You can get the benefit of keeping warm. Drinking soup has many benefits for people, but different soups have different effects. So what kind of soup can you drink to replenish your body and make your body better?

1. Luffa, salted egg and pork slices soup:

Ingredients: One loofah, one salted egg, 200 grams of lean meat (add or subtract according to the amount of food), 3 slices of ginger


1Adequate amount of salt, half the amount of sugar, the same amount of starch and sugar, and a little pepper

2An appropriate amount of salt, a little pepper and sesame oil

Important tips:

1. When adding the meat slices, be sure to lower the heat and the soup should not boil, otherwise the meat slices will be overcooked and the soup will become turbid. 2. Cucumber can also be used instead of loofah. Cut the cucumber into diamond-shaped slices first. In order to retain the fragrance of cucumber, you should first add the meat slices and salted eggs and cook for 3 minutes, then add the cucumber and cook briefly. This way you can transform into a "cucumber, salted egg and meat slices soup".

2. Lily and red date beef soup:

Ingredients: 200g beef, 150g fresh lily, 80g ginkgo, 6 pitted red dates, appropriate amount of shredded ginger


1 Appropriate amount of salt, the same amount of starch and salt, a little pepper 2 Appropriate amount of salt, a little pepper and sesame oil

Important tips:

The tenderloin part of the beef will be more tender. The finer the texture, the tenderer the beef will be, and it should be cut thinly against the grain.

If your body is weak, then drinking more of this soup is the best way to replenish yourself. When replenishing yourself, you should pay attention to a reasonable diet. Some good foods can be used to replenish yourself. When taking supplements, remember to eat more foods high in protein and exercise more during the supplement period, so that we can get the effect of supplementation through exercise.